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Avoid Nicknames When Calling Muslim Names
November 14, 2018    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Boy Names

Selecting a baby name is one of the most crucial thing for parents. To conclude, a name sticks with a child during his or her entire life and it directly or indirectly influences his or her personality. Some of us even select Muslim Baby names well before the birth of the child. The name may be from the family or a good sounding name that we heard somewhere and loved it all the way. In any case, we are proud to give a good Muslim baby name to our child. And surely, with the growth of your child, this name will become a part of your life. You may be calling this name more often than you might have though.

Popular Muslim Baby Names

Some people distort Popular Muslim Names with nicknames, this practice should be discouraged. As the nickname can not justify the real name and its meaning. It may be slightly difficult to pronounce some longer names but these should be called in full and making them short should be dismayed.

Here are some Muslim boys and Muslim girls names that are popular and easy to pronounce.

Islamic baby names

Popular Muslim Boys Names starting with B

Bahram    A king.
Basan    One who uproots fully
Barkat   Bounty, blessing.
Basit     One who stretches, enlarges.
Behroz  Sacred, noble.
Buraq    Horse of the Prophet (PBUH).
Badar    Full moon.
Bahlul   Happiness, Laughter.

Popular Muslim Girls Names starting with B

Badyah    Clear, knowledgeable person
Bakhtawar    Fortunate, Lucky.
Barkha       Rain.
Baseemah    One who smiles, cheerful, happy.
Bashrah    Good news, good tiding.
Basima    Smiling; fem. of Basim.
Batool   A true devotee woman of Allah
Bisma   Smile, Grina.
Bushra   Good news, glad tidings.






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