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September 23, 2018    Muslim Names with Meanings    Muslim Boy Names
People name their kids to distinguish them from others and to call them by their names. Islam is the religion of complete faith. It knows the effectiveness of names and their significance on a person's life. There are special instructions given in Islam on naming the child. The name given to the kid must be meaningful and beautiful.

Muslim Names are nothing more than giving a decent name with beautiful meaning. Naming a child with a lovely and decent name is very vital in Islam. Muslim Names and Islamic Names are the same thing, there is no dissimilarity among Islamic and Muslim names. Islam and Muslim are both words used to define the religion revealed to the Prophet Hazarat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Both words are synonymous to reach other.

Muslim Baby Names

A Muslim baby, where ever born, should be given an Islamic name most likely from Arabic origin. Names of holy prophets, names combined with Asma ul Husna (Names of Allah), names from history, modern and traditional names are being used.

The Prophet Hazarat Muhammad's (P.B.U.H) names are highly decent with lovely meanings. Allah also loves these names. People who have names with not so good meanings should change them if they had to. Give your kid the best possible name. Here at the, you can find lovely and matchless Muslim baby boy names and Muslim baby girl names with beautiful meanings.

Islamic Boy Names






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