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May 8, 2020    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Boy Names

Your names become the identity of you in society. No matter what religion you belong to, there is a specific set of rules that you should be following when you keep your names. When you meet new people, you instantly get to have an idea of their ethnicity with the choice of names they have been bestowed with. From Christians, Jews to Hindus, we see different names that they keep which help them build an identity in society.

The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers. ~Marshall McLuhan




As we see people being concerned about the names, we can easily conclude that most of the sects of people believe in keeping good names. In Islam, keeping Muslim baby names doesn't require much hard work but there are a few rules that need to be followed.  Islamic names can be found in numerous places, not only in the Quran but in the books of Islam as well. Here we can be sure that these names are authentic and you can keep them without a doubt.

Our website has popular Muslim baby names with proper meanings and all the necessary details that should be kept in mind to be able to correctly name your child. We understand that it can be hard to find the appropriate names as you want to have modern and good names for your children but also the ones that are accurate according to Islam as well.

Our website also provides the proper guidelines for people so that can look into it and be more careful while they choose names as keeping names is the matter of the whole life of the person. Better choices will lead to a better personality impression of the name.









Our database has been complied using various reliable sources, but we do not take any responsibility for the authenticity of these names.
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