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Effect of Names in Islam
February 7, 2019    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Girl Names
When a child is born the major question that arises in the family is about the name for their newborn child’s, for Muslims some people prefer to go and ask the scholar’s to know the best Muslim baby names, where in the age of technology era some people do start searching for Islamic names online. Names have so much impact in the personality of a person while going searched to best Names when we see hadith of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) about having names to Muslim babies it is cleared that on the day of judgment a person will be called by their name so it describes how important it is, to give a noble names to your Muslim baby. There are so many blogs and sites which are providing good meaning Muslim baby boy names and Muslim baby girl names.

Muslim Baby Names

In this blog, you can have a brief knowledge of popular Muslim boy names which includes the meaning for those famous names and will describe the complete impact of using these names for your baby. Here we have a collection of all suitable and good meaning popular Muslim baby names which contain both Muslim baby boy names and Muslim baby girl names which are not just popular but also enlighten with blissful meaning and most of them are messenger’s and prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) names which are honorable to be used for our baby personality because a name is a first gift we give to our baby and it has major effect of the personality of the baby.

Muslim Girl Names






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