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Importance of Muslim Names in the Light of Surnames
October 14, 2020    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Boy Names

The drift of surname has been from the most antique times known to the human beings, the world began when Hazrat Adam and his wife were born who were also named with Islamic names, following that their sons were born and maintenance for the human beings was started, from whom took place the beginning of many new ethnicities and religions. All religions provide a different set of rules in regard to every feature of life including Islam. It has also told us how to keep Muslim baby names for their children and ace the life procedure since it is the most significant, first gift parents provide to their children. The surnames not only aid just get recognized in the world but also on the day of Judgment. We will be called by our names as well as by the names of our fathers. They are usually linked by "Bin" or "bint-e" for baby boys and baby girls respectively.




To one side from the Islamic names, the importance of surnames has also been mentioned quite a lot of times in the Holy Quran.

“Call them after their fathers. That is mostly just in the sight of Allah. If you know not their fathers, then

call them your brothers in faith and your patrons. There is no blame on you if you make a mistake but

you are accountable for what is done intentionally. Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful “ [Quran


Also, Allah has said to the first name of the children along with their father's name rather than their family's name that is a wrong idea from the west. Hence in order to forbid ourselves from the negligence, we must shun the things that are not in Islam.









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