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Islamic Name Abirah and its details
June 1, 2020    Muslim Girl Names    Muslim Baby Names


With the increase in the trend of having everything with a new twist, people are eager to have trendy and new Muslim baby names for their children as well. To be very precise, people actually put in the effort of finding new and catchy names for their children in order to fit in the bandwagon of having an x-factor in the names as well. In order to help you people with the names of your children, our website has names for children, boys, and girls with all the necessary details that parents would want to have a look at.

From the Muslim baby girl's names, we have the name is Abirah. It is one of the Islamic names that can be chosen in order to name your baby girl. It belongs to the Urdu language and as we already have mentioned that any language that finds its roots back to the Arabic origin then it can be easily used for your child's name. It means fleeting, of a higher level. Having a good name for your child will directly impact their personality. Hence a name like this will totally guarantee the good rise of the child.




Getting into the astrological details, Popular Muslim baby names are somehow connected to the astrological details of the baby. So as we all know that if the lucky color, stone, metals, days, etc. are coordinated than it sure opens up the fortunes.

Thursday and Tuesday are the lucky days for a child with name Abirah, you can consider ruby as the lucky stone and the blessings will increase manifolds If it is paired with copper or iron. We need to keep in mind all the necessary details in our mind before we name the child as they can be very beneficial for them.









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