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Muslim Baby Girl Name Alisha
August 4, 2021    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Girl Names

In today’s world of affirmations, people are in constant need of having the best even when it comes to your name. Most people even tend to change their names if they don’t like it or have the thought to change it to fit in. hence it is the responsibility of the parent to choose good Muslim baby names so their children are happy and content with their names. This also calls out to have a well searched out name that does not affect the personality traits of the child. Now a day, parents are also eager to name their baby with the best and the most modern that they have known of.

 The name chosen today is Alisha that is considered to be popular and people are more likely to adopt it for their child. It is from one of the Muslim baby girl names and it also belongs to the Arabic origin since choosing names from similar roots is important to show belonging to a particular Muslim community. The name you have helps you to be recognized and when the names are chosen according to the religion, they then become a source of your recognition.




The meaning of these Islamic names is supposed to be good and that they should be impactful; on the child in a better way. The name Alisha means Honest and the one protected by Allah Almighty. The name is associated with the Allah Almighty being you're protected hence the name has its benefits within.

The name is associated with the lucky number 3 and the weekdays of Tuesday and Thursday are important. The entities that are considered to be lucky and are meant to bring out better changes in your life.









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