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Muslim Baby Girl Name Hareem and its Details
September 2, 2019    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Girl Names
Islamic names are required to be appropriate in all manners when it comes to spellings, origin, meaning and all the minute details. A slight change in the spelling be it in Urdu or English can drastically change the meaning of the name and can be bad for the child's personality. So Muslim baby names should be looked into. Today's name is Hareem that can be used as Muslim baby girl name but some objections have been put up that Hareem is closer to the word Haram and should not be kept for the children. According to our research, the name Hareem is from the Arabic origin and has more than one meanings to it. But when it comes to Muslim baby girl names, the meaning appropriate to be used is considered. Hence meaning of this name is "sacred"

There are also some meanings which are as "belonging to one man" that raises question to this name. But as Muslims we know that this name is from the Arabic background and since it has  meaning that is positive and ensures good will so it can be used.

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Muslim baby name Hareem also comes with astrological details that can be weighed and calculated according to the birth of the child. This can give a better insight if the name seems appropriate to be kept by the parents for their child.

Number 5 is the lucky number for this name and it should be considered during times when numbers come in handy like dates etc.

Friday and Wednesday are the lucky days for a person with name Hareem, these days can bring wellness and integrity in life. Yellow and green are the lucky colors. As discussed in many of the articles before astrology has a part in human’s life and these facts should be considered.

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