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Muslim Baby Girl Name Mantasha
August 26, 2021    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Girl Names

Muslim names are mostly linked to the Arabic rotes and they are supposed o be meaningful. If we look back into the history of Islam, it is evident that all the names that were kept for the children were ruled out on the same basis. Being Muslims we have to keep up with these particular sayings from Allah Almighty as keep us on the right track but also help us in our lives. Science has also proven that the messages that Allah has given us are truly applicable in our daily lives. So when you have to keep names for your children, you all have to make sure that they are Islamic and set right according to the checklist of Islamic rules.




It is not always important to only dig into Muslim baby names that are from Islamic sources. You can also choose modern names but that comes with the terms and conditions of making it appropriate according to Islamic rulings and your child’s astrological details. There are a few things that you will have to make sure about and then you are good to go. In most cases, people simply look it up in Quran or any Islamic authentic book but when you are choosing a name on your own, these things are important.

The name chosen today is Mantasha. It is an Arabic appropriate name and can be kept for your baby girl. It is also found in some Indian books but Muslims can keep it too. The name man's precious and looking at the meaning of the name, it is evident that the meaning will always impart positive effects on the child too. Some other resources also support its meaning as the wish of Allah but that is acceptable too.









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