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Muslim Baby Name Aaidah and Its Meaning
August 16, 2021    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Girl Names

Being called by a name in your society is what helps you to be recognized among the lot. In most cases, the origin of your name helps people recognize by which religion you belong, and being Muslims, we feel proud that the society in which we move, recognizes our ethnicity. Muslims are supposed to choose names that match their religion’s guidelines. In most cases, people choose the mainstream names that are already popular Muslim baby names so that they don’t have to worry about the meanings or if the names would be appropriate or not.




So we have to be very keen in choosing Islamic names for our children, as most parents nowadays want very modern and new names for their children so they should look into many sources that provide proper information about the name. This will not only help the parent but also makes the child aware enough of his name and that will make him lead a meaningful life. The names on our website are for Muslim Baby girls and Muslim baby boys so that you can easily choose from the list and choose names for your child.

Aaidah is the name for today that is used as one of the Muslim baby girl names. The name belongs to Arabic origin, it was basically the name of a hadith narrator and this was how we can confirm that the name is appropriate for us to keep. The name means returner or the visitor of the sick. 5 is said to be a lucky number linked to this name, making Tuesday and Thursday one of the lucky days. Names are connected to specific attributes that can bring out positive outcomes in life if used right.









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