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Muslim Baby Name Akia and the Meaning
March 9, 2020    Muslim Girl Names    Islamic Names

People are least interested in Muslim baby girl names and randomly name their daughters. At this point, they don't realize that the names may become toxic for the child and might not adjust well. If we see back into the history of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad made sure that the girls were always named good names so that they were as beautiful as the baby daughters. Keeping in mind the fact that not all parents but some do not care about naming the daughters in a good way is concerning.




For all those who need to know Popular Muslim baby names should look into the names of daughters and wives of Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) also, the pious ladies during and before the reign of the prophet Muhammad. All of them have been mentioned in the Holy Quran and there can be no better source of names for us other than those.


All the parents who need good and modern Muslim baby names for their girls should be interested to read today's name i.e. Akia. This name belongs to the Urdu origin and tends to have multiple meanings. The good part is that you can choose the meaning you like to make sense to the name.


This name either means goodwill or sister. You have the opportunity to choose any of the meanings and sort it according to the child's astrological details. In case you want to change the name, later on, you can as Muhammad (PBUH) used to do that too.

For all those who believe that the name's details are important too should know that 1 is the lucky number and Monday accounts to be the lucky day. Knowing all the details of the name is important and also will be helpful to keep names as earlier as possible.









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