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Daughters are the blessing of Allah as Hazrat Ali (RA) said

                 “ Daughters are advantages and sons are graces. You will be rewarded for the advantages and asked for the sons. “

One has to be careful with the upbringing of a daughter because they need love, care, and protection in a proper manner. A daughter is a blessing and the love of a father. Daughters are the closest to their mothers. Children have the right to education, protection, basic needs, and in return, it is the obligatory right of every parent to receive respect and honesty. Children should look after their parents during old age. A daughter who is a woman of the society as well is considered before all the men. They are given equal rights as men. They are allowed to have an education, get jobs, and work on their own. 




In the past, people considered the birth of a daughter a shame due to illiteracy. But with the growth of Islam, people were aware of the importance of a daughter as they are the blessing of Allah Almighty. The birth of a daughter in a family makes a barrier between parents and hell. Daughters are the protection and favor of the parents sent by Allah Almighty. 

The name ANABIYA is a Muslim girl name that means turn towards Allah. The Quranic name is Anaba which means the one who repents and returns to Allah. What a meaningful feminine word perfect for a baby girl. The one who is willing to take steps to Allah Almighty and the religion. This makes a person strong and clear-minded about life. A girl named anabiya has an organizing ability and is a social person who loves art. A creative person who has a fire element and has the power to achieve great things.  









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