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Muslim Baby Name Hibah
July 3, 2020    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Girl Names

The important thing that matters while you name your child is the accuracy that the name is acceptable in Islam or not. We know as Muslims that Allah Almighty has set up rules in all walks of life for Muslims to follow that path and be able to produce better and good outcomes in all ways.

When this part goes wrong, some people are very eager to change their names and have a name that might suit their personality or is a name that they like on their own. Muslim baby names are a kind of gift which parents can give to their children and one should make sure that they properly name their children.

Islamic names are fully available in Islamic books and in other places where we can easily be able to extract out the names we like. Being from an authentic source we have the leverage to have less scrutiny over those names.




Hibah is an Arabic name which also has another origin as well. In Sindhi it means Gift whereas the Arabic origin provides its meaning as beautiful. It is one a very popular name among the Muslim girl name and a lot of people opt for it.

3 is the lucky number for associations with the name Hibah, which can be pretty much useful is used up for good initiatives. Blue and Black are the lucky colors that should be paired up, apart from that Friday is the lucky day.

The reason for telling the important astrological details is because they have a very important impact on life activities and they need to be kept in mind while the important dealings. Islam does not support much of astrology and foreseeing but astrology puts in a great impact on small details like these.










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