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Muslim Name Aafiyah A Name from Different Languages
September 24, 2021    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Girl Names

Our language Urdu is mostly a mixture of many other languages and the words derived to make it a very versatile language. There is an amalgam of Persian, Arabic, Iranian, and what not. Words from all these languages come mix together and form words that we can collectively understand from other languages as well. In the same way, some Muslim baby names are always derived from other languages that fit well for our children being Muslims. We all know that it is important for us to look into the details of a name and especially the origin from where it comes from




Parents are always keen on having names for their children that are fancy and are consisting of a meaningful background. For this purpose, they tend to look up multiple resources to look out for such names. Our website is one of those that regularly keep its readers updated about Islamic names that are age-appropriate and are also proven to be very helpful for the child. We provide all the necessary information that is required to know while you name your child.

The name chosen today is one of the Muslim baby girl names, which is Aafiyah. As mentioned earlier, one name can also belong to other origins and this name is so. Aafiyah is basically a name of the Arabic root, which means good health. This name has a positive connotation that happens to have positive impacts on the child as well. The lucky number 4 is attached to positivity and well-being; these names were also kept in the old traditions to make their resemblance to the name available in the Holy Quran as well. Linkage to the names from the Holy book makes it more meaningful.









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