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Muslim Name Adam and its History
December 16, 2019    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Boy Names

Muslims should keep the names of their children in light of Islamic teachings. This is because you have to keep track of the fact that these names are chosen from a particular range of rules. If those rules are not abided by then Muslims can face consequences. In the same way, you should look for Islamic names from a particular collection of names that are related to the Muslims in Islamic history. All these names of pious people mean the same as the characteristics they are related to.

Muslim baby names

On our Muslim baby names website, we have a collection of Islamic names that are available not only with their meanings but also with the necessary specific details which should be known before you name your child.

Today's name is Adam which was the name of the first Prophet of Allah Almighty. He was the first person to be on the Earth and we are considered from the children of Adam (AS). Adam is among the Muslim baby boy names and most people use it for their male child. Adam is a direct Quranic name and Muslims can not deny the authenticity of this name.

Muslim Boy Names

Adam was the first creation of Allah Almighty and he was created from the dust. Adam has been derived from Adeem that means the same i.e. dust. Whereas Adam means from the surface of Earth. Adam has been derived from the Arabic background and has also been noticed to be kept by people from the English ancestry. 6 is the lucky number for a person with name Adam and Monday is considered to be lucky for such people. Blue is the lucky color and all these details need to be kept in mind so that it can build good luck for you and all your doings.






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