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Muslim Name Afreen and Its Meaning
February 7, 2020    Muslim Baby Names    Popular Muslim Baby Names

Just as Muslim daughters are beautiful, their names need to be beautiful as well. Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) paid special attention to the names of his daughters and made sure that all of them are meaningful and they sound beautiful as well.

So when we follow his rules and take his guidance then we have to seek him as well in this concern. So today this blog is about naming your daughters according to the ways Islam has prescribed. Where ever we look, we see that Islam gives women equal rights so when even it's a tiny thing like naming them then the names should be good as well. From the Muslim baby girl names, we have chosen Afreen that can be keenly kept for Muslim girls.

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We need to see if the Islamic names belong to the Arabic origin or not or if they mean good too. So when we talk about the name Afreen so we are made sure that it is from the Persian language and is coherent to the Arabic origin as well. The thing is that it has multiple meanings as well and we need to see that what meaning is appropriate enough to be kept as a name. Hence we choose the meaning that will somehow coincide for putting up a positive impact on the child.

The name means Beautiful that will totally go with the fragile and pretty personalities of the baby girls. From all the meanings of this name, this one seems appropriate and workable. Even though it has a meaning from the Urdu language as well yet we choose the one in Persian origin. 17 is the lucky number for the name Afreen and works better if implied in daily life as well.

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