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Muslim Name Ayaan and Its relativity to Quran
January 29, 2020    Muslim Baby Names    Popular Muslim Baby Names

Muslim Baby Boy Names are convenient in a way that we can alter their meanings but connecting them to the name of Prophet ( Peace be upon him ). The name Muhammad can be paired with the names of Muslim boys so that they can bring prosperous blessing to the child. Keeping names for the children can be easy and hard at the same time. This is because if you stick to the Islamic rules and the Islamic names as mentioned in the Holy Quran and by the sayings of Allah Almighty then the naming process becomes easy. When parents go with the modern rules and try to keep new names than these cases bring complexity and it becomes difficult to keep up with the Islamic rules and name the children.

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Muslim baby names are not that hard to keep and you can simply contact an Islamic scholar who knows how to look into a name according to the rulings of Islam. You can also search our website for the Popular Muslim baby names for their meanings and the necessary details.

The name chosen today is Ayaan which is a direct Arabic name so it comes up to the first term of a perfect Islamic name. It means a God's Gift and can be kept for Muslim boys. It has roots from the A, Y and N family.

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Some references also tell that the name Ayaan belongs from the Persian roots as well but both of them mean positive so there should be no doubt in keeping them. Ayan has been observed in Quran as well and is a direct Quranic name as well so there remains no doubt in it. You can still take a look into Quran for further details.






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