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Muslim Name Saffa and The Name's Astrological Details
April 27, 2020    Muslim Baby Names    Islamic Names

It's not as hard to find yourself Muslim baby names for your children. The meaning and the origin are the two main things that need to be looked into as it is important.

Astrological details are another aspect that makes a difference with the name and personality of the child. The stars have an important role to play with the personality traits in the long run. With the movement of the stars changes the impact of particular days. Not always has this been proven but we need to keep in mind the small details that can matter.

Even if its Muslim baby girl names or boy names, it implies for both of them. Names are something that stays with people for a long time so you need to be careful with that.




The name being discussed today is Saffa. It belongs to the Swahili origin. Keep in mind that it is not all necessary to choose names from the Arabic origin. As long as the name sounds well, you are good to go. Also that this name is of one of the Mountains in Makkah.

Saffa means purity. 9 is the lucky number for a girl names Saffa. Blue, Black, and Purple are the lucky colors that will coordinate with this name. Amethyst is the lucky stone and iron should be coupled with it as a lucky metal which will be more luck with a person named Saffa. This is how these details will impact astrological connectivity as well








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