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Muslim Names Aaidah and Aaban
June 10, 2020    Muslim Girl Names    Arabic Girl Names

During the Islamic names quest of your little one, you have a lot of options to choose from. You also have to be very particular about the right meaning, the origin, its authenticity, and the way one will pronounce it. To ease your difficulty we are here to introduce you to two new Muslim baby names. Here you will be facilitated with two Islamic names which are based on proper research and you will not have to worry about its ethnicity.

From Muslim baby girl names, today we will talk about Aaidah. This is one beautiful Islamic name. Aaidah or often written with different spellings like Aida, Aaidah, or Aydah, tho it does not change its meaning, is a feminine given name. This was a very common name in history as well, also many Sahaba were named like it. This lets us know that Aaidah finds its roots back from Arabic. It is the feminine of the name Aaidh. This beautiful name has meanings of "high" and "exalted".




Exalted means on upper levels or upended from lower levels.

The Muslim boy name Aaban is also very unique and catchy. It is specified for baby boys. You can pair it with Muhammad and call your baby like Muhammad Aaban. This turns out to be very unique from the Muslim baby boy names. Aaban is said to be the name of the son of our third caliph out of the four. Aaban means very clear or lucid. Aaban is also an Islamic originated name. It also has traces of Islamic history. Islamic names can have other meanings as well, hence Aaban means "Angel of Iron" which makes it an Islamic name of strong background. Aaban is also the name of the third Persian month. May Allah bless your family and child.


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