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Muslim Names with respect to their Origins
June 21, 2019    Muslim Baby Names    Popular Muslim Baby Names

It is a wrong conception that when we are to choose names for our children, the Muslim baby names have to be from the Arabic origin. People are very enthusiastic to name their children which are pleasant to hear and are also Islamic so that they can fulfill all the needs but fail to do so. This is because of the fact that in the race to choose a fancy name, they end up choosing names that they think are the Islamic names but mess up the essence of ones.

Muslim Baby Names

On our website, we do provide you with Muslim baby names that are properly researched and have been provided with meanings, their origin and everything that is necessary to know before you give your child the first gift of his life without being wrong in the process and also not going through the trouble for finding them.

Muslim boy names and Muslim girl names for your babies can be easily found on the internet but they are mostly provided with either wrong information or is incomplete for its context.

The names that can be easily kept for Muslims are very easy to find out since you have to take care of a small number of things.

Islamic Baby Names

First it has to be of good meaning, some names that do not directly are Allah Almighty’s names and some other prohibited names. Islamic names that you keep are mostly from Arabic, Persia, Urdu, Lebanese or mainly the ones having their roots originating from the Arabic family. Allah Almighty asks to keep positive names so that they do not influence the names badly rather have good impacts on the person for the whole life. If you feel like the popular Muslim name that you chose for your child has wrong vibes from it, the name can be totally changed for good.






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