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Name Your Child Abdullah
July 29, 2020    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Boy Names

Islam is a beautiful religion with beautiful teachings and ways for people to live their lives. In the same way, when a new child is born, he needs to be given beautiful Muslim baby names that are meaningful and are relating to the Arabic roots so that there remains no chance for faults and problems when the child is actually going to live a life. Since it is the job of the parents to keep good names for the children then they need to put a little effort into the process of naming their child. This will be a proper gift from then for the rest of the child’s life since names are what makes sense to the personality of a child when the stars of the children’s birth and its details are also kept in mind.




There is a list of Islamic names that have been mentioned tons of times that can be used for children. We need to know that they are completely true and correct. There needs no big research in order to find out that they should be kept or not but still they have to be looked into for the purposes of stars and

For today, the name Abdullah has been chosen in order to explain from the Muslim boy names. Abdullah is from the Allah’s names as it would mean “Allah’s man”

When parents choose from Allah Almighty’s names then it is to be kept in mind that it has to be paired with 'Abdul' which will connect it to the obedience of Allah Almighty. It belongs from the Arabic origin and has a hundred percent rate of authenticity since it is from the direct sources of the Holy Quran. You can come up to our website for Popular Muslim baby names that will help you find good names for your children.









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