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Naming Ceremony for Muslim Baby Names
June 14, 2019    Muslim Baby Names    Popular Muslim Baby Names
The first step to fully embrace Islam are the ways how you lie on the path of the saying of Shariah and how well you are following them. Allah Almighty has been putting through his sayings that the best way to embrace all the goodness of Islam is by following the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his life for how he spent all the doings in his life and as they are the complete code of life. There are many ways to know how we have to be efficient in order to complete the given code.

Popular muslim baby names

In the process of naming children with Muslim baby names, which happen to be the first chore that parents have to do after the child is born. Most people choose their children's names and have name keeping ceremonies for it but most of the Islamic families keep Islamic names on the occasion of aqiqa, which is actually the process of sacrificing goats for the child but also have become a vast tradition to give Muslim boy names or Muslim girl names that seems to add the blessings along with the process of aqiqah.

Muhammad (Peace be upon him said)

“A baby is being pledged for his aqiqah, sacrifice is made for him on the seventh day, his head is shaved, and a name is given him".

Muslim Baby Names

These all basic traditions will add on after you give Popular Muslim baby names to your child, also we know that in this way all the Islamic sayings are being fulfilled.

This tradition is basically effective as we say that the child has to be named on the seventh day after the birth. The name is chosen by the parents which is not only good in meaning but also has an Islamic background. The aqiqa ceremony is carried out on the seventh day as well, hence we care to say that the naming and the aqiqa ceremony are somehow the same events.






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