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Naming children with Great Meaning is Important
November 3, 2018    Muslim Baby Names    Islamic Names
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked parents or guardians to give honorable names to their kids. He likewise taught the parents to change the names if they later observe the meanings to be unimportant or unpleasant. Indeed, even the researcher and veterans say that the name of a man impacts his character.

In Islamic society, it is additionally prescribed to respect the prophets of God by naming the youngsters after them. Such names won't simply convey favors to the kid, however will likewise move him to have an exemplary existence. It clarifies the popularity of the name Muhammad on the planet.

Muslim Baby Names

Finding a Muslim baby name that satisfies every one of these characteristics won't be simple. What's more, it's the website will go to your guide. The following is our far reaching gathering of intriguing and infectious Islamic baby names with the meanings.

Top Muslim Boy Names this Week starting with A

Aabid         Worshipper, adorer.
Aadhil        Honorable Judge, One who Jugdes Fairly.
Aaqif          Devoted to, Dedicated.
Aasim        Protector
Asad          Lion
Asghar       Younger, smaller, minute.
Ataullah      Gift of Allah.
Athar          Purer, more virtuous, most pious
Ayaan         Gift of God
Azim          Might, magnificent, glorious, great, dignified,

Islamic Names with meanings

Top Muslim Girls Names this week starting with A

Aabroo         Fame, Honour, Dignity
Aafreen        Stimulation, encouragement
Aaiza           Arabic for replacement, a gift from Allah.
Abyan          Clear, Eloquent, Lucid and Distinct.
Adifaah         Acute, Dare, Talented, Smart.
Afrah            Pl. of Farah, joy, happiness.
Afza              Increase, augmentation.
Aimen           Brave, fearless, lucky, right hand.
Ajia               Superb, Wonderful.
Alesha          Protected by God.






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