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Popular Muslim Boys and Girls Names with Good Meanings
October 29, 2018    Muslim Boy Names    Muslim Girl Names

Our website ( is a great source of finding Muslim and Islamic Baby names for your kids. We have selected a long and reliable list of names for boys and girls, these names are from various origins and languages. According to Islam, a baby name can be from any area or language but it must have a good meaning attached to it. What do we mean by good meaning? A name should not go against the teaching of Islam. Names with bad meanings are not permitted in Islam, as a name do have a lasting effect on one's personality.

Islamic Baby Names

Our website has accumulated names from all Muslim origins, we have names from Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish and Afghan languages. Muslim can also name their children outside these languages but the restriction is the same i.e. it should have a good meaning. There are many great names that come from the verses of the Quran. You will find these Quranic names on this website as well.

Popular Muslim Girls Names

Secondly, if you are a non-Muslim, you can still benefit from our list of names. These names have good meanings and are very suitable for babies of all religions. We have recently added categories to include Popular Muslim Boys names and Popular Muslim Girls names. These sections make it easy for our users to find the most popular baby names quickly without having to go through the list of thousands of baby names.






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