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How To Select A Muslim Name For Your New-Born?
February 27, 2019    Muslim Baby Names    Islamic Names

How To Select A Muslim Name For Your New-Born?

Naming a child after his or her birth isn’t that easy a task and when the child is Muslim then many things need to be considered before bestowing a name to your Muslim baby girl or boy. Hadrat Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) has said that you will be called by your name on the day of judgment so give nice names to your children.

There are various methods by which you can choose a nice Muslim baby name for your child. A list of the methods would include.

1)       Consulting a religious scholar.
2)       Bestowing a name of your own choice for your child.
3)       Checking a Muslim baby names directory to select a name for your child.
4)       Naming your child after Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him )
5)       Consulting the Holy Book Quran for a perfect name.
6)       Naming your child after Prophet descendants.
7)       Googling for perfect Islamic name.
8)       Naming your child after the pious companions and wives of Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) is also the common practice.

Muslim Baby Names

All the above-mentioned methods are too good to choose an Islamic name for your child but there are other things which need a little consideration.

Words have an effect. Often time the name of a prophet or his pious companions could be too heavy for your child and if this happens to be the case then your child will suffer some marked illnesses so before naming your child make sure that the name is light and it isn’t too heavy for your child.

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The little knowledge of planetary bodies is also essential before naming your child because the ruling stars have an effect on the child so make sure that the name which you choose for your child is in harmony with the ruling star of his or her zodiac.

A knowledge of zodiac is also important in this regard. Naming a child means labeling your child for life so make sure you label him or her well. Take whatever knowledge is essential and after learning all the necessary tools name your child.






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