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What Should We Look Into While Keeping Names
May 19, 2020    Muslim Baby Names    Muslim Girl Names

In the old times, back to Arab dominance, we had seen that there was not much concern shown towards names. Even the Muslims back then would keep random Muslim names without being much considerate of what and how will the name impact the child. Followed by that, there was not much enlightenment about Islam or its rules as well.

When our Prophet (PBUH) came, he was the one who brought back Muslims to track, for every way for how Muslims should lead their lives. There came the rules for keeping Islamic names. He should quiet a lot of interest in the names of children. He believed that names were all about optimism and the wellness of the person so they should be kept with a lot of care and affection. Parents already are very touchy about how their babies should be named so if they put a little extra care about how these names will impact the child then there is probably nothing to worry about.




The guidelines from Allah Almighty are very basic and they were further demonstrated by Prophet (PBUH) when he implied these rules on the people with his well doings. We had to see if the names do not show arrogance or were degrading to the other people, no matter what their religion or belongings were.

Islam is a beautiful religion and even takes care of the Muslim girl names for how they will concern the person later on. Muslims themselves should keep in mind that names are quite important as they will also be the source of being recognized on the day of judgment. A little care and concern are important so you can lead a prosperous life.









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